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Please note the website may not reflect what's currently on our shelves. We're happy to check stock for you over the phone!
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Read local. 

We are an independent, family-owned bookstore located in York, Maine. We know you have a variety of options to buy your next read, and we’re grateful for your support.  

We offer a couple of different ways to shop The Booktenders as we know that matters, especially in these unpredictable times.

Visit us in person

We’re a bit biased, but we think nothing quite beats holding a new book in your hands (we won’t judge if you sneak a sniff of the pages) or browsing the shelves for your next favorite read. 

Ordering online

Thank you so much for your interest in our store! If you would like to support us from a distance, here's the scoop.

Can I order from your website?

Why yes, yes you can! Browse for books and order titles that say "On our shelves now." This lets us fulfill your order from our existing inventory.

What if I want a book and it says it may take 5-7 business days? Should I order it from your website?

Great question. If you're local and want to pick it up and don't mind waiting several days, we're happy to order that book for you!

Are you "from away" and the book you're looking for isn't on our virtual shelves? If so, check out our page. Books ordered there will ship more quickly and every purchase made benefits not only The Booktenders, but other indie bookstores throughout the country. 

We know the big A is tempting, but here is an excellent article to read before you make your decision, or maybe it will reinforce it. 

Curbside pickup

As easy as ordering your favorite takeout. 

Simply call us at 207-361-4386 with the name of the author, title and your credit card information to place your order. 

We’ll put your order together and hold it until you arrive.

Call us when you reach the store and we’ll bring the order to your car. 

Do you have gift cards? 

We do! We have both physical and e-gift cards available. If you're local, the physical gift cards might be your best option. If you're purchasing a gift card for someone outside the area, you can order an e-gift card and we’ll  mail it to them. 
Please note the gift cards are not redeemable on,, or any ebook platforms.