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About Us


Read Local. Read Responsibly.

The Booktenders is an independent bookstore for York, Maine and neighboring communities. We offer a diverse selection of contemporary and classic fiction, nonfiction, young adult, children's books, local authors and much more.

"Read Responsibly" and well, our name, is something of a cheeky nod to our former restaurant lives. 

But it's also a call to action because we believe that reading books brings knowledge, understanding and power. 

We think reading changes lives. It gives you the opportunity to explore worlds or subjects you might not have thought about before. It’s powerful because it gives you the opportunity to not only learn and grow, but to dream and get lost in the world in the pages.

Our hope is that the bookstore will be a community-minded space with something for everyone and where people can gather to share their love of books, discover new worlds and friends.

Whether you're looking for a new release or a book you didn't know you needed to read, we're happy to help. 


Michelle & Rick